Welcome to SSASE!

SSASE is an educational and social group for s-type women and gender non-confirming individuals. It is an independent group and is not part of any other organizations. SSASE strives to be a place in the BDSM scene where s-types feel supported and safe.

What SSASE hopes to provide for our members:

  • Education: Through regularly scheduled classes and workshops focused on topics of interest to s-types, we hope to help members better understand themselves, their submission, and the larger BDSM community.
  • Friendship: Through our variety of social activities, we hope to be a place where our members can foster positive, supportive connections with other female and gender non-conforming s-types.
  • Safety: Through the education and social connections SSASE facilitates, we hope that our members will have the resources to help keep themselves and others safe as they navigate the kink scene.
  • An Outlet For Their Voices: Through our commitment to nurturing and supporting s-types as leaders and educators, we hope to encourage our members to value and share their experience, knowledge, and skill to create a more varied dialogue in the community.

Plus, we eat a lot of cupcakes. You know you want cupcakes.